Kerry Van Stockum

About the Artist
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A Life in Art

My life’s journey has taken me from living in California until age 31 then to Kentucky for 23 years, where I enjoyed raising two sons.  Back again in California, I am pursuing art full time, drawing inspiration from the beautiful west coast.  After four decades of opportunities to express creativity from carpentry to house and stage design, from illustration to painting, I wish to expand my career in Watercolor  and Pen and Ink Illustration.   Inspired by my love of the ocean, western American topography, and architecture, I find these the perfect mediums to create lasting impressions          as separate or combined endeavors.  Currently I am focused on watercolors from my Pacific Palette series and creating custom pen and ink illustrations of peoples’ homes.   


Before moving back to the Pacific Coast, I spent 5 years reading about ocean exploration and the geology of this incredible part of the world.  It seemed important to get to know my subject matter from all angles.  My readings ignited a passion in me about our position here on earth where two major tectonic plates meet on the Ring of Fire.   I continue my studies to gain a better understanding and true appreciation of how California and all its neighboring Pacific lands formed to give us the breathtaking vistas we enjoy each day.   In the future I hope to explore distant coastlines but feel fortunate to have begun my Pacific Palette series inspired by the exceptional land and ocean features from Mexico to Alaska. 

Pen and Ink Illustrations of Homes

Custom home illustration has proven to be the perfect marriage of my two other creative passions - architectural design and drafting.  This work gives me an opportunity to get to know a client, creating a very personal piece of artwork and preserving the memory of a home or other cherished building.  I love working with pen and ink, as it lends itself to very fine details and precision.  With use of the highest quality materials, the final illustration is always crisp and enduring.  Working from photographs in my studio, I am free to recreate homes from around the globe.

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All of the artwork shown in this gallery is copyrighted by Kerry Van Stockum.  All rights reserved.  Do not duplicate without written permission.
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