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Born of fire and collision, the land and seashores where the North American and Pacific Plates meet are the subjects of my “Pacific Palette” series.  I work in watercolor because its purity, translucency, and challenge make it the ideal medium to interpret the mood of this Pacific topography, from complex coastlines and graceful valleys to the majestic coastal ranges.   

Part of the artistic process is to dare ourselves to go beyond our best work.  For me, watercolor continually surprises and keeps me on my toes.  This medium can be unforgiving.  You can’t paint over mistakes!  So, like  the Ring of Fire, it’s a bit dangerous.   Always appreciative of the skillful spontaneity of the plein-aire artist, I choose to be a studio painter, where I am happy to create detailed work at my drafting table.  I work exclusively from my own photography because the indispensable first step of my process is to really know the place that I am recreating on paper.  As I paint, recalling the details of the specific moment the scene was captured becomes a vital part of my technique.  Whether a painting takes one week or one month to complete, being happy with a finished piece is the best inspiration to begin another.     
#3 Santa Cruz Sunset

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